Past Performance   Feb 13th 2021    Sat 7:00pm

A Visit With Harry Truman

A Visit With Harry Truman
Zoom Presentation
by: Peter M. Small

Directed by: Peter M. Small
Produced by: Barbara Seagren

PowPAC invites you to celebrate Presidents Day weekend by journeying back in time for "A Visit With Harry Truman", a personal encounter with the 33rd president of the United States. In his blunt speaking style, President Truman tells how he progressed from Missouri farmboy to meeting the challenges of the presidency -- from dropping the Atomic Bomb to submitting the nation's first civil right legislation. Mr. Truman will take questions from the audience following his presentation.
Peter M. Small is a former history teacher in Washington DC and Los Angeles, who originally developed costumed historical impersonations for his classes. As a Living History Actor, Peter has appeared nationally before a wide range of audiences, performing at the Ronald Reagan and Herbert Hoover Presidential Libraries, Michigan's Port Huron Thomas Edison Festival, on Los Angeles KTTV-TV Midday Sunday show, and at Knott's Berry Farm's Thomas Edison Workshop.

"A Visit With Harry Truman" plays, via Zoom, on Saturday, February 13 at 7PM. Tickets are 20 dollars per device.


Harry Truman
Peter M. Small

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