Past Performance   Oct 1st 2003   

Melodrama:Gold Mine At Sycamore Canyon

Melodrama:Gold Mine At Sycamore Canyon
(Rights Pending)


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Mrs. Allspent (the duty-bound widow)
Patience Allspent (her daughter the heroine)
Do-Well Goodworthy (Patience's fiance the hero)
Turgid Turmoil (the villain)
Mr. Quickbuck (a not-too-honest banker)
Miss Truebeauty (a secretary from the bank)
Sourdough McGee (an itinerant miner)
Wanda May
Erin McGathy
John DeCarlo
Rick Wayne
Daniel Anderson
Rhianna Cultrona
Ed Ewert
Roger Willoughby

Technical Production Team:


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  • Stanley Ozenbuagh
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