Auditions will be held: Mar 27th-Mar 28th

Visiting Mr. Green

May 19th-Jun 11th 2023
A Dramady
by: Jeff Baron

Directed by: Brent A. Stringfield
Produced by:Merrill Gill & Ruth Woodbeck

Audition Notes:
Cast Requirements:
2 Males (29 and 86)
Plot Synopsis:
Mr. Green, a retired dry cleaner, wanders into New York traffc and is almost hit by a car driven by 29-year-old corporate executive Ross Gardiner. Ross is sentenced to community service for his reckless driving and is assigned to help the recent widower once a week for six months. What begins as a comedy about two men who can’t stand being in the same room with each other transforms into a moving drama as they open each other’s old wounds and get to know and care deeply for one other.

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