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Same Time Next Year

Dates and Times To Be Announced
A Timeless Romantic Comedy
by: Bernard Slade

Directed by: Samantha Goldstein
Produced by:Joel Colbourn & Lynn Wolsey

Audition Notes:
•Auditions Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 13, 2019. Callbacks by invitation Wednesday, August 14. First read-through Thursday, August 15.
•7:00-10:00 p.m. (arrive early for paperwork and schedule comparison)
•PowPac Theater, 13250 Poway Road, Poway, CA 92064
•Auditions will consist of cold reads from the script and possibly some improv.
•No particular accents required.
•Please bring a résumé of theatrical experience and a head shot.
•Appointments not necessary.
•For additional information and questions, please contact the Director at
Cast Requirements:
Doris (30-40) A 23-year-old Oakland housewife with three children when the play begins, Doris is a high school dropout who married dependable Harry after getting pregnant at 18. She could initially be called a wide-eyed ingénue if the ingénue also knew she was sort of hilarious. During the play, Doris goes through a process of formal education and personal self-growth, including a hippie phase, and eventually opens her own successful business. She shifts from a stay-at-home mother to the talented owner of a French cafe and her family’s primary earner. She is always sweet and funny, but we begin to see her intelligence shine through, and she becomes confident in her opinions about culture, politics and money. She also becomes increasingly comfortable with her own desires and the attraction that motivated her to begin a relationship with George in the first place.

George (30-40) A 27-year-old accountant, married to the quirky Helen and father of three (a fourth is born during the play), he is a little neurotic about sex, fatherhood, marriage and a host of other topics that will inspire his mild rants during the play. We see him go from liberal to conservative, and end up somewhere in the middle after losing a son in the war and going through therapy. He evolves from accountant to finance manager to cocktail lounge pianist to accounting teacher, his sense of identity shifting with each new career and home base from New Jersey to Connecticut and, finally, Beverly Hills. He has a boundless attraction to Doris, tempered by a large helping of guilt. His insecurity about his feelings makes him tell little lies, but he loves that Doris knows this and calls him on it. *[b]Ability to play the piano a plus, but not required.[/b]
Plot Synopsis:
On a fateful night in 1951, 20-somethings Doris and George meet at a seaside inn in northern California, when he spots her across the dining room and sends her a steak. What could have been a one-night stand becomes a standing engagement to meet every year in the same place for the next 25 years. He tells his wife he’s doing a friend’s taxes, and she tells her husband she’s at a Catholic retreat, and neither one—or the eight kids between them—will ever know. Or will they? As the years go by, a relationship that begins with physical attraction deepens into shared experience and real affection and understanding. Together, Doris and George weather birth, death, marital woes, new careers, and a world outside their cozy room that’s been changed by the Vietnam war, shifting gender roles, and the decade of free love. The 1975 play ran for over three years on Broadway, and was then adapted to a hit movie, with the Tony and Globe-winning Ellen Burstyn making the jump from stage to screen as Doris.

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